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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Leadership Fredericton" graduates, who refused to assist an innocent man.

March 22, 2013,

Inspector, Patrol Response Division, Fredericton Police Force
311 Queen Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 1B1
Phone: (506) 460-2988
E-mail: gary.forward@fredericton.ca

Hello Gary Forward - Class of 2007,
                                                             as is found within the Leadership Fredericton web site mission statement - the mandate: "who are committed to enhance their community" .

Question is... how committed are each of the graduates of the
Leadership Fredericton programs to be assisting a innocent victim of improper procedure and or the manipulation of members of the local FREDERICTON POLICE FORCE by (as in this case) a delusional Police informant.

My story is not brief, although  the herein below provided link will take you to a Audio Video recording of Andre Murray, who, while innocently acting as a Process Server of Court Documents, furthermore, as wherein we can see for ourselves, that, it is abundantly clear, Andre Murray is being Criminally assaulted for three and half minutes by (in this case) the husband of the named Defendant, who the Process Server intended to Process Serve.

Leadership Fredericton graduates are requested to show your true colors by intervening in this matter, wherein, an innocent Andre Murray has been Arrested then charged with Assault by members of FREDERICTON POLICE FORCE despite the video evidence clearly illustrating that Andre Murray is the victim of Assault.

I look forward to each of your fellow graduates responses, please note that all known graduates have received this same email correspondence by BCC as I am enthusiastically expecting your cooperation.

As promised I have provided herein below a LINK to a article I have written together with the Audio Video evidence of  Process Server Andre Murray being assaulted by Neil Rodgers.


Here after viewing the above mentioned Audio Video, please if you will, kindly consider the content of a copy of the " VICTIM WITNESS STATEMENT "  provided to members of FREDERICTON POLICE FORCE, by the aggressor in the subject
Audio Video.  The content must offend the conscience of any decent member of society.

Direct link to:


Please take notice that I intend to Post this correspondence on Justice Done Dirt Cheap mentioning your individual names, further, that each of the 150 local graduates of Leadership Fredericton have been contacted on this matter.
Should you for any reason not wish your particulars and or name to be mentioned, you must respond: stating your reasons why, within 48 hours from the dating of this email.
May we all walk in God's Peace.    

without malice, aforethought, ill will, vexation,
or frivolity .

André  Murray 

from: André <justicedonedirtcheap@gmail.com>
to: gary.forward@fredericton.ca
bcc: Kathy.Alchorn@fredericton.ca,
date: Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 8:18 PM
subject: NOTICE Leadership Fredericton Members opportunity to play an important role in our community
mailed-by: gmail.com


Provided, herein below, are the pictures of each "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" Graduate who has received a Copy of the above email correspondence, which was initially sent to FREDERICTON POLICE FORCE Inspector Gary Forward. It is interesting, and or must be noted, that of the herein mentioned 95 ninety five emails, which Andre were sent individually, to each of the herein below listed "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" Graduates, please note Andre the sender never received a single reply, which reasonably must mean that the ‘so called’ "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" reasonably is observed to act as a group, a group -as in this case, however, who are evidentially not eager to support any of Fredericton's proletariats within their community. 

This ‘look the other way’ attitude of "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" graduates is, or must be by a co-ordinated design, the real purpose of this is "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" is to train graduates to placate the public, furthermore, graduates blatant lack of empathy and or response to such a outrageous injustice as suffered by Andre Murray is a example and or evidence of a false, superficial, and or the artificial appearance or effect of "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" graduates.

 Please remember this subject 'lack of response' by  "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" graduates is occurring despite the novelty or strangeness of the illegal events surrounding and or following Neil Rodgers's evident criminal assault against Andre Murray, which Fredericton Police Force together with Crown Prosecutors, continue to unfairly hold Andre responsible instead of charging long time Fredericton Police Force informant Neil Rodgers with Criminal Assault with intention to do harm.

 "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" ??
Leading where.?

Furthermore, a Link to official website for "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" is also provided at bottom of this page. All "LEADERSHIP Fredericton" Graduates proudly provided their particulars at that location. Interesting reading to examine each portfolio to see just how their entanglement is a design to be completely interwoven within the community, while the so called "LEADERSHIP" is dubious, (cannot to be relied upon; therefore must be suspect).


For all details or particulars regarding the above "Leadership Fredericton" graduates, visit their website provided link is herein above.